Grand Opening Event! Riverview, NB

Join Global Pet Foods New Brunswick as they celebrate the grand opening of their newest location in Riverview! They’re having a leash cutting ceremony on Friday, December 7th at 11 am at the Riverview location at 540 Pinewood road. The Mayor, Ann Seamans, will be at the ceremony. Also attending the grand opening will be Deputy Mayor Tammy Rampersaud, Councillor Cecile Cassista, and Councillor John Coughlan. The ceremony will be followed by sandwiches, refreshments, and cake for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to bring along your pets (on leash) to the event as well as any other two-legged friends!

To ensure that there is plenty of food to go around, we kindly ask that you RSVP to their event here.

All weekend long the team in New Brunswick will be celebrating the growth of the Global Pet Foods family across all of their New Brunswick locations with special promotions.

In addition to all this excitement, if you make a purchase of $30 or more, you’ll receive a goodie bag full of items (for dogs or cats) valued at over $50!

This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

There’s a New Dog in Town!

Have you heard? Global Pet Foods in North Vancouver, BC is NOW OPEN! They are located in the Capilano Village at 801 Marine Drive, Unit 200 North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Owner, Anthony, is very excited to be in North Vancouver and has already had a very warm welcome from the community. He is eager to meet you (and your pets)!  Anthony himself has three beautiful Golden Retrievers that are a part of his family.

Specializing in natural, holistic, and wholesome pet foods & supplements for every type of pet from dogs and cats, to birds, and small animals.  They have the best selection of healthy pet food, toys, and accessories.  Anthony, Noorhan, and the rest of his friendly staff will ensure that you get the right pet product for your specific needs!



To find a location near you, use our Location Finder.

Global Pet Foods reaches $1.7 Million in donations.

Canadian pet parents have very big hearts, but their homes just aren’t large enough to adopt the thousands of homeless pets that live in shelters every year. Which is why this year’s ‘Show Us Your Heart’ campaign asked Canada, “If you can’t give them a home, give them a dollar.”

Leading the campaign was a video that depicts a cute Jack Russel Terrier doing tricks. As the dog continues performing his tricks, it is revealed that he’s been in a shelter cage all along. The line, “They’ll do incredible things for a treat, imagine what they’d do for a home” appears. The video ends on a row of shelter pets in cages, with a call to action to donate to the ‘Show Us Your Heart’ program.

In just 2 weeks, the campaign raised a total of $208,230, bringing the program’s total donations to $1.7 million. Online donations also increased by a whopping 1500%, which can be attributed to the heartstring pulling campaign that lived predominantly on social media and YouTube.
In-store posters also prompted Canadians to show their hearts. How can you say no to those cute little paws? Customers were asked to donate as little as $1 in-store and Global Pet Foods would match it. Customers that donated $5 would also receive 10 AIR MILES Bonus Miles. A total of 99,280 Bonus Miles was issued.
Not only did this year’s ‘Show Us Your Heart’ campaign see generous donations, but the awareness raised was tremendous. The campaign video garnered over 1 million views, and the campaign overall had 15 million impressions.

Global Pet Foods matched the first dollar of every in-store donation. All proceeds raised during the ‘Show Us Your Heart’ program will be donated to 135 local animal shelters, rescue groups and other pet-related organizations across Canada.

Global Pet Foods removes Chinese-produced pet treats from over 160 stores across Canada.

Please note that many Global Pet Foods stores had already discontinued all treats (not just Jerky treats) that were sourced from China for quite some time. While some of our stores have customers who requested that their neighbourhood store stock some treats, last month, we mandated that all Global Pet Foods stores immediately discontinue any pet treat that is sourced from China. While we realize that the jerky treats were the main issue, we believe that there are many treats that can be sourced from within Canada and North America.

As Canada’s Healthy Choice for Pets, and the leading retailer that has some of the best pet foods available across North America, we want the best for our customers and their pets, and we know you want the best too. You can shop confidently at all Global Pet Foods knowing that we’ll do our best to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Global Pet Foods removes Chinese-produced pet treats from 160 Stores | Toronto Star