February 26, 2021
Looking for ways to give your pet The Best of Both?

The benefits of feeding wet food with dry food.
Looking for ways to give your pet The Best of Both?

There are many great reasons to feeding both wet and dry formulas. While pets don’t require both, offering flavors, toppers and textures adds variety to your pet’s diet which can help foster the human-animal bond.  If you think about the ways that we as humans eat, we find variety enjoyable, and it can be fun to share that experience with our pets.

Wet food contains higher moisture content and provides your pet with an additional source of hydration. While crunchy kibble can help to provide oral health benefits.

It is important dogs and cats recognize all forms of food throughout their lives and find them desirable in the event they require a specific medically managed diet.  You should try to ensure that your pet doesn’t find a certain texture unappealing.  When feeding both wet and dry, make sure that you discuss how much of each you should be feeding with your veterinarian to ensure that you don’t overfeed. Additionally, when feeding both wet and dry it’s important to ensure that your pet is getting their daily dose of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Natural Balance® wet and dry formulas are nutritionally complete which allows you to mix and match. If you are looking to add wet food into your pet’s diet, we recommend pairing your dry formula with the matching wet formula.

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