Pet’s Rewards Card

At Global Pet Foods we think that your pets deserve to be rewarded too!
Pet’s Rewards Card

At Global Pet Foods, we think that dedicated pet parents deserve to be rewarded too! That’s why we offer a Free Food Program on the majority of dry and raw food brands for dogs and cats – and even on some brands for small animals.

The Free Food program varies by brand and is available at all Global Pet Foods stores across Canada.


Register Your Card

Joining our rewards program is simple. If you would like assistance with registering your existing or new card, then fill out the form below. Note: your account number can be located at the top of your Global Pet Foods receipt.

Want to register it yourself? If you picked up a card before July 1, 2018 please click Register Old Card, and if you picked up a card after July 1, 2018 please click Register New Card.

Your Information

This is a 19 digit number, printed at the top of your receipt, beginning with 636087199.

Please provide the first name used on your account.

Please provide the last name used on your account.

Please provide the telephone used on your account.

Please provide an ACTIVE email address to be used as your User Name for on-line account access.
(you will receive an email link to finalize your account profile)

Please re-enter your email address.

Account verification & Security

Please indicate store location of the store you last visited (e.g. Jane St. Saskatoon, SK).

Please indicate approx. date of last store visit.

Please list at least one product you purchased on your last store visit.


The information collected here will be used for current member profile verification, and where necessary modification to existing profile information as provided by you, and recorded in our Rewards system. By submitting a completed form you agree to receiving emails from Global Pet Foods L.P. or its subsidiaries, including its franchisees or agents acting on its behalf, with the express purpose of either inviting you to set or re-set your password for on-Line access to your rewards account with Global Pet Foods L.P. or to communicate with you in the event additional information is required.
Completing this form is necessary for Global Pet Foods L.P. to assist you in completing your profile registration. A self-enrolment option is available should you wish to complete the process yourself, and is available at the relative link above.


Details of Program:


Buy the required number of bags of the same brand and size of applicable brands of dog, cat, or small animal food at Global Pet Foods Stores and get one bag FREE. The required number of bag purchase will vary by brand; see store for details. Once you reach the required number of bag purchases at Global Pet Foods, we make it easy with instant redemption at any Global Pet Foods store location for your free bag!


You must be a member of the Global Pet Foods Rewards Program. If you are not a member, visit your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to register. You will be given a Free Food Program Card.


There are no receipts to save. We keep track of your purchases via our Free Food Program Card which will be provided to you at the time you register for the program.


All purchases of applicable brands will be recorded at the time of purchase at Global Pet Foods stores.


Program is restricted to participating brands and sizes.  All applicable purchases must be made at a Global Pet Foods store.


The free bag will be awarded upon or after the purchase of your 8th,10th or 12th bag at Global Pet Foods stores on applicable brands. You are responsible for paying applicable sales tax on the free bag.


You will start earning towards your next free bag with your next food purchase (not counting your free bag purchase).


All returned purchases will be deducted from your bag total.


The entitlement to free food has no cash value and are non-transferable.


Trial sizes and free bags received as part of other promotions or contests are not eligible for this program.


Global Pet Foods reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the program at any time.


Global Pet Foods’ Rules & Regulations for the Frequent Buyer Program requires that we provide our manufacturers ∕ suppliers with your name, address, telephone number and proof of your purchases and eligibility for your Free Bags.


Any Free Food Program account where there are no bag purchases for a period of 18 months from date of last purchase will be deemed “in-active” and, therefore, Global Pet Foods reserves the right to delete all bag purchase records from this account.


Please see store for details of any further restrictions.


The free bag of food is redeemed once you have purchased the required quantity of bags at Global Pet Foods stores, which typically happens over the course of 12 months.

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