We Miss You!

As pet specialty retailers, Global Pet Foods store owners and staff are true pet lovers. We are passionate about pets and their people, and we miss all of you! We are happy to be able to serve our customers during difficult times, but we know the experience is not the same these days. It is typical for regular Global Pet Foods customers (and their pets) to be greeted by name when they walk through our doors. Staff members love to hear updates and chat with customers about their pets’ lives. We enjoy sharing stories and experiences, recommending dog walkers and day cares, sharing information about local walking trails and parks and simply just chatting about pets!

More important than just shared interests, we share values with our customers. Shared values create connection, and we truly believe we have a connection with our customers that goes beyond a typical retail experience. We value transparency and honesty; we value innovation and forward thinking; we value health and well-being; we value pets and our relationships with them; we value our customers.

Feeling connected has been difficult over the past few months. When we are less able to spend time with close friends and family, the loss of that connection is obvious. But as time goes on, we are becoming more aware of the smaller losses of connection. Some people are missing their monthly visit to the hairdresser or attending their kids’ sporting events with other parents. Some people can’t wait to be seeing their gym buddies or classmates again. For us, we miss connecting with you.

We are so glad that we are still able to offer the same high-quality products and service. We are ready and able to provide advice and recommendations, new products and promotions as well as our normal offering of the largest selection of Canadian made pet foods and treats.

We hope that we are soon able to once again spend the time connecting with you in our stores, but until then, follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, and find the social media pages for your local store. Send us a message or interact with our posts; write comments and connect with us and other customers in a positive, supportive online community of pet lovers.