May 1, 2023
Huntsville Women’s Soccer Club + GPF
Huntsville Women’s Soccer Club + GPF

The Huntsville Soccer Club has been putting in a lot of effort this season to form a brand new women’s league. Their hard work has paid off, and the league is now up and running with a great deal of support from the community.

One of the local businesses that has stepped up to support the league is Global Pet Foods Huntsville. They were approached by the Huntsville Soccer Club to take part in the league as a sponsor, and they eagerly agreed. Now, the first-ever Women’s League trophy is sponsored by Global Pet Foods Huntsville and is called the Global Pet Foods Cup.

It’s not every day that a local business gets the chance to sponsor a sports league trophy, especially a brand new one. This sponsorship speaks to the commitment that Global Pet Foods Huntsville has to the community and to supporting local initiatives.

This partnership between the Huntsville Soccer Club and Global Pet Foods Huntsville is a great example of how local businesses can work together with community organizations to create something that benefits everyone. The soccer league gets the support it needs to thrive, and Global Pet Foods Huntsville gets the chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Global Pet Foods
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Written By | Dmitrii Zhukov