August 18, 2023
Global Pet Foods Launches Made Better®
Global Pet Foods Launches Made Better®

New Canadian Pet Food Brand “Made Better®” Launches Exclusive Line of Nutritious and Sustainable Products!

Global Pet Foods is pleased to welcome a new player as the highly anticipated brand, Made Better®, makes its debut in select Global Pet Foods stores across the country. With a strong focus on natural ingredients and sustainability, Made Better® aims to revolutionize the pet food industry with its unique offerings.

Made Better® has introduced a range of dry dog food products tailored to meet the nutritional needs of both adult dogs and puppies. The brand’s flagship product is its natural grain dry dog food, which features a wholesome recipe comprising insect protein, oats, barley, and postbiotics. This carefully crafted formula ensures high digestibility and is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

In addition to their grain-based formula, Made Better® offers a grain-free dry dog food specifically designed for adult dogs. This variant features insect protein, coconut, buckwheat, and postbiotics, providing a nutritious and balanced diet for dogs with grain sensitivities or those following a grain-free diet.

Global Pet Foods customers who are looking to reward their furry companions with delectable and healthy treats need look no further. Made Better® presents a range of high-protein crunchy dog treats that are sure to please even the most discerning canine palates. The brand offers two options: grain-free treats made with insect protein, coconut, and chickpeas, and natural grain treats featuring insect protein, oats, and flaxseed. Both varieties are hypoallergenic, ensuring that dogs with dietary sensitivities can indulge without worry.

What sets Made Better® apart is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. By incorporating insect protein into their recipes, the brand embraces a more sustainable protein source that requires fewer resources and generates a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional meat-based pet foods. Made Better® is dedicated to providing Global Pet Foods pet parents with a guilt-free option that not only nourishes their pets but also contributes to a healthier planet.

The launch of Made Better® in select Global Pet Foods stores across Canada has been met with enthusiasm from pet owners who are eager to provide their four-legged friends with high-quality, sustainable pet food options. The brand’s dedication to natural ingredients, sustainability, and hypoallergenic formulas positions it as a leader in the evolving pet food industry.

Pet owners across Canada can now indulge their furry friends with Made Better’s® nutritious, sustainable, and hypoallergenic pet food offerings. With its commitment to quality and responsible sourcing, Made Better® is expected to make a significant impact in the Canadian pet food market and win the hearts of pet owners nationwide.

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Written By | Dmitrii Zhukov