October 16, 2018
Say Cheese!
Dental Care for your Cat
Say Cheese!

You clearly recognize the importance and benefits of having a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums. Did you know a lack of regular and attentive care to your cat’s teeth can result in serious health implications? Prevention is the key. Studies show that cats with poor oral health also have a higher risk of heart, kidney and liver problems, which can lead to an early death.


People often underestimate the steps that need to be taken with their cat’s teeth in order to maintain good health. To ensure that oral health problems do not interfere with your cat’s quality of life, cats should have their teeth brushed on a regular basis.  Don’t assume that you will know when your cat’s teeth are hurting him or her. Cats will continue to eat even if they have tooth pain simply due to hunger. If you are stressed about the process or are concerned about whether you are brushing your cat’s teeth properly, ask one of our Healthy Pet Care specialists at your neighborhood
Global Pet Foods store to demonstrate the proper technique for daily brushing.


Signs and symptoms of Dental Diseases:


Please also note the following:

  1. Dental care is critical for your cat’s health. If you are not able to brush your cat’s teeth, there are other options when you’re in between vet visits. Consider using oral rinses made especially for cats. You’ll find a wide variety of oral care products for cats at Global Pet Foods stores.
  2. Never use human toothpaste because the foaming agents can pose health risks to cats.
  3. Do not give your cat any type of candy, ever!
  4. While many brands of dry cat food incorporate dental benefits, giving your cat special dental treats formulated to reduce tartar, plaque build-up and stains is another option to help prevent oral health problems.
  5. Contact your veterinarian if you note changes in your cat’s behaviour or health. The following usually indicates an issue that must be addressed by a professional: your cat stops eating, they have bad breath, their gums are inflamed, or their teeth are visibily demaged or they’ve lost a tooth (or teeth). Failure to obtain professional care for dental problems can result in serious health problems.



From toothbrushes to rinses. Slurp N’ Fresh, a dental care product, is made in Canada. Slurp N’ Fresh uses a unique blend of natural plant extracts to eliminated odour causing compounds in the mouth which cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. This all-natural product will eliminate bad breath, reduce plaque & tartar, and protect your cat’s natural oral environment. Clear, unscented, with NO alcohol, artificial flavors, coloring, dyes, or harmful chemicals. Economical to use each time you change your cat’s water.


Looking after your cat’s teeth and gums is one key factor in keeping them healthy and happy for many years. You’ll find a wide variety of new and improved dental products for cat in your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store. Let our Healthy Pet Care Specialists help you improve and maintain your cat’s dental health. We want to see your cat smile!

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